A piece of cake, this detecting lark. Don’t know what you make all that fuss about.

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*kermit voice* carlos theeeee scientist here

everything is exciting! particularly EXISTENCE YAAAAAYYY


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To all the Tumblr users who tend to use tags very liberally:


Let’s play a game.

Type the following words into your tags box, then post the first automatic tag that comes up.

you, also, what, when, why, how, look, because, never

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Imagine Dragons vs Daft Punk - Radioactive Stronger











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all i want for endeavour series 3 is jakes pretending to be super corrupt but rly helping morse out and he’s so convincing that one day strange just snaps and punches jakes in the face but jakes is all ‘oi mate i’M TRyiN tO hELp’ and strange is just all ‘oh. ok matey’ and a friendship is born

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You know – it’s Roger Allam, who’s pretty damn fine — in character or out. And rather adorable to boot. He’s Thursday. I just do the words. He wears the hat.

I couldn’t truthfully say I identify with Thursday as his experiences are so far outside of my ken – the War pretty much sets him apart from anything I could imagine. But I have known people with his qualities. And one reads as much as possible – to try to gain some insight into what makes someone like that tick. He most definitely is not me. Far too physically brave for one thing. He’s the Chandler ideal, I suppose. ‘Down these mean streets…’ And no doubt an idealised version of the man who was good enough to raise me and give me a name. He too was of that extraordinary generation who went through so much, and gave so much, and asked so very little in return.

So, I mentioned before about that quiet, unshowy heroism. That understatement you get with something like ‘Fires Were Started’. The dialogue… I’m a sucker for any slightly antiquated idiom. Mostly stuff I remember from a kid. Little things – ‘steps’ rather than ‘a ladder’; ‘wireless’ over ‘radio’. Period court transcripts are very useful for that kind of thing. I’ve probably said this before, so stop me if you’ve heard this one, but music was my thing when I was younger. I don’t know – you develop an ear for rhythm and tone. And that carries over into being sensitive to patterns of speech. A word here, a phrase there. File it away. With Thursday it’s definitely a 1940s slant. Too many black and white war pictures. (If there is such a thing as too many of those.) In Which We Serve; The Cruel Sea; Ice Cold in Alex. All of those Sunday afternoon delights.

It sounds glib, and probably is, but I’ve just tried to keep him human. He’s got a dark side, like most of us. A hinterland. He’s seen the worst, and perhaps now looks for the best. There’s certainly a great kindness to him. An old-fashioned sense of courtesy, now far less in vogue than it once was. He’s of a generation that thought it was the right thing to do to hold a door open, or give up his seat on the bus for a woman. Happily, he’s married to Win – who would take it very amiss if he didn’t do those things.

Russell Lewis on Fred Thursday (and Roger Allam) from this interview. (via all-allam)

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Forget Sandwiches


Are we going to ignore the fact that Morse stood for not one, but two pints for Fred?

two options:

  1. that’s love
  2. this is why Morse doesn’t buy drinks for anyone, look what happens

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Anonymous asked: Could we have Win’s ‘come home safe’ moment at the start with Fred’s ‘alright’ *sobs* 

I cannot even begin to express the adorableness of their little morning ritual


Anonymous asked: Could we have Win’s ‘come home safe’ moment at the start with Fred’s ‘alright’ *sobs* 

I cannot even begin to express the adorableness of their little morning ritual

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I made a comic from the mechanic/robot thing i drew a while back BUT THEN I REALIZED THAT I HAD TOO MANY THINGS I WANTED TO DRAW and i couldn’t fit it in 10 pictures and then i gave up and ended up with some small thing without any plot omfg i can’t do comics 

im sorry that it is an OBNOXIOUSLY LONG POST but it’s easier to read this way  i thin k /  

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marry-me-mr-morgan asked: Could you please do the last strange/Morse interaction,where strange says he can’t help because of orders and then Morse tells him he’ll have to choose

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a teeny tiny Endeavour ficlet to help drain some of these feeeeeeels so that I can function in the real world. Massive spoilers, obviously.

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Bruce with Bruce Boxleitner at the Vancouver Con.(x)

Bruce with Bruce Boxleitner at the Vancouver Con.(x)

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I always say this in tags, but I’m going to say it here for once because I’m so tired of people trying to pigeonhole Jane as just the ‘love interest’ and denying all the amazing things she does:

Please notice how Jane is completely focused on the science of Asgard and asking questions and comparing their equipment to Earth scientific equipment.

Now notice that Thor is the one looking at her like she’s made out of magic and unicorns and fairy dust while she’s so engrossed with science, she almost forgets he’s there.

Thor is the love interest in this movie; Jane is the badass scientist who helps save the world. Yes, they’re in love with each other, and yes, Jane gets weak in the knees when Thor is around, but so does Thor, and being in love doesn’t stop Jane from defeating Malekith with her science skills.

Love doesn’t make you weak, and being in love with the lead male character does not mean you are a boring, one-dimensional character who doesn’t do anything of note. Stop dismissing female fictional characters as worthless just because there’s a romance in the story.

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so I was wearing a Captain America shirt on my run today and TWO separate people shouted ‘ON YOUR LEFT’ at me

sometimes the world is a wonderful and magical place

I wish I could run just to be able to do this.

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i like how anthony mackie just played himself?? like he clearly went into the movie like “if i, anthony mackie, were the falcon, what would that be like? baller as hell, is the answer,” and just went with that

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